Aloka was tall slim fair girl with an oval face dimpled chin and was well poised. She could carry any type of attire and look attractive. She was a health freak and carefully avoided any fried or confectionary items.she exercised everyday and worked in a multinational corporate.

Salil was darkish thick set man in mid thirties who worked in a high responsibility position in a concern adjoining Aloka’s office complex. They often met at the canteen and gradually picked up a friendship which blossomed into a relationship. Salil was attracted to Aloka and was head over heels in love with her. Salil was Aloka’s fifth boyfriend her first love being a college mate named Deep. They exercised together every day and had lot of shared interest.with him she had sex several times and every episode was mind boggling exciting full of surprises kinkiness and thrill. Besides Deep was a good actor and had a huge fan following which was another attraction for Aloka. After their split she made friends with four more men but was never content with the relationship. With the passage of time she became more withdrawn but determined to find love again. This outlook made her settle with Salil and overlook his deficiencies.

Salil was a serious studious student. He all along concentrated on his career. He had no previous relationships and any knowledge about the art of love making.

Aloka came out of the toilet and saw Salil lying on the bed. Salil was feeling completely exhausted sleepy and spent after a thundrous ejaculation, his first international come. More than enjoying his own feelings he was concerned about the result of his test. ” so, what do you feel, we were good huh?”. “Uhm. Not really and to tell you the truth I couldn’t get any thrill!” ” but why do you ask? Get dressed we need to leave”. Why what was missing, ” pursued Salil doggedly.

“May be your organ is very small” answered Aloka thinking a while. Salil momentarily froze on the bed.

Back home Salil checked the internet and ordered an expensive organ developer for himself. He uaedit diligently for a month but with any result. Terrified Salil rushed to a doctor practising sexology.Dr emphatically listened to Salil’s story and about his fear of losing Aloka if his penis length could not be normalised.

Salil was examined and his penis was found to be normal length in both passive and active states. Salil was not satisfied he any bow wanted an enlargement. Dr saw his desperation and suggested a counselling session to overcome his anxiety. They further suggested Salil to improve his sexual prowess.

Few days later Salil was relaxed, feeling a stronger than ever urge for his girl friend and determined to please her. This time after the sexual episode Salil asked Aloka about her honest and unbiased opinion. Aloka on the other hand was very satisfied with Salil’s behaviour care and affection and she admitted the sex to be very satisfactory.

Dr. Gupta explained :

1 sexual desire decreases with increase in responsibilities in life

2. The capacity to control ejaculation and to have multiple sex episodes is what makes a man sexually attractive .