A little amount of stress is very normal for day to day living. But only when the amount of stress increases and the person is unable to relax, that becomes a problem.

The physical response to the stress of a real or imaginary threat is as old as human existence. But this very instinctive response is what creates the problem. The ‘fight or flight’ response that stress induces, suited our ancestors for the purpose of survival. Unfortunately, now-a-days, many of the things that trigger our stress reactions do not require this response.

Erectile Dysfunction caused by Death-Induced Stress

Death of a partner is a big stressor. The best sex doctor has pointed out that people who went for remarriage after the death of a partner often reported erectile dysfunction. It is important to note that people re-marrying almost always suffer from erectile-dysfunction. Not only death, even divorce or separation from their partners induces a high amount of stress which might result in this condition.

People have reported the onset of erectile dysfunction also after the death of a close family member. Often, the loss of mother, father or any other close family member triggers this dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Due To Injury

People suffering from spinal injury or after a long convalescence have also reported erectile dysfunction. Due to stress, the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves gets out of balance. Arteries constricts in response to adrenalin. This in-turn causes the penile artery to constrict and thereby little blood is able to enter the penis. Hence, we can conclude that stress does cause loss of potency.

A sexologist doctor in Kolkata said that due to changes in the dopamine and serotonin level in the brain, the desire or motive, called libido, falls down. Psychological reasons such as mood swings are another big factor too.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment in such cases needs psychological counselling and medication. With the help of counselling, the patient will be able to have a new outlook and concentrate on positive thoughts. The shift in this attitude help in the normalization of brain chemicals, thereby reducing the stress and therefore, will increase libido. The body will be able to relax and function in any a normal way. With the co-administration of vasodilation, the penis is able to function properly.

According to the famous sexologist in Kolkata, the simplest exercise is to force a smile when threatened and a positive change in the thought process. This will help in increasing libido and intimacy. This technique will also help people come closer.

To conclude, a problem of stress with erectile dysfunction is complicated but can be resolved. It needs counselling with an emphasis on change of thought process and improvement in communication with partner.