In all parts of India, there is a tradition of eating curd. It has many health benefits. These include:

  • It improves sexual health: As per the opinion of a sex doctor near me, the consumption of curd may help to manage sexual problems such as low sexual desire, male infertility, etc. It relieves us from anxiety and stress, which is also beneficial for our sex life.

  • It makes the teeth and bones stronger: As there is plenty of phosphorus and calcium in curd, it helps in making the teeth and bones stronger.

  • It improves immunity: It is a probiotic food and helps to increase the number of white blood cells, which fight infection. It improves our overall immunity.

  • It makes our skin and hair healthy: You may apply curd to your skin and hair to improve the condition of these.

  • It improves digestion: There is proper functioning of the digestion system due to the probiotics present in the curd. It is also easy to digest.

  • It improves vaginal health: The vagina remains healthy as a result of good bacterial culture of curd. It helps to maintain the vaginal pH balance and lessen the problem of white discharge from the vagina.

Case I

Mr. Sanjiv, a 35 years old bank executive, was under treatment for male infertility. When a man is not able to make his female partner pregnant due to any health issues, it is known as male infertility. It can happen due to various conditions. These include low sperm production, blockages that prevent sperm delivery and abnormal sperm function. Some reasons behind these are injuries, illnesses, lifestyle choices and chronic health problems. A famous sexologist in Kolkata can find out the reason in a particular case.

Mr. Sanjiv was having low sperm count. He was taking medicines regularly but the beneficial response was slow. He got advice to include curd in his diet. In the next course, his response was better.

Case II

Mr. Deepak Roy, who is aged 43 years and diabetic patient, was under treatment for erectile dysfunction. When a man is not able to get or maintain an erection firm enough to have successful intercourse, the condition is erectile dysfunction. It can happen due to a problem in any of the body parts involved in the sexual arousal of a man. Many physical complications can cause erectile dysfunction. There are often some psychological causes behind this condition. The best sexologist in Kolkata treats many such cases. So did the sex doctor near me.

During the first fifteen days of the treatment of Mr. Deepak Roy, the response was slow, which magnified after curd intake in his diet.

The above cases illustrate that curd is beneficial to sexual health. It provides an extra amount of amino acids and the gut bacteria, which increase the absorption of medicines from the gut. Curd is a probiotic food. The bacteria present in the curd react in the intestine to form serotonin, which relaxes the mind. In some way, they improve sexual desire as well.