Most of the Psychological erectile dysfunction cases we have come across results in a prominent loss of self-confidence along with performance anxiety. Therefore, we can safely say that self-confidence and sex is related.

Where Does The Problem Lie?

We, a prominent group of sexologist in Kolkata, have observed that people start an ‘avoidance-centric’ behavior. If the man is not feeling confident about his sexual performance, he would, in all probability, avoid a sexual encounter. He also stops talking, touching and other aspects of sexual foreplay.

The Right Way To Deal With It

Let us find out how the top sexologist in Kolkata would proceed to treat such cases.

Step 1- 

The first step is to learn the history of both partners. A record is made of all such activities which might have been done earlier but now missed. After this, the first advice to the patient is to do the opposite.

He must start doing all the activities that he has stopped. Communication is the key. He has to talk and touch more. this part is non-sexual. He will have to talk to his partner about everything but, avoid sexual conversations. Also, he can touch the partner all over her body except for the genital area.

Step 2

– He will have to talk to his partner as to why he is attracted to her. He will explain in details which parts of her body excites him.  She will also do the same. There after they will touch each whole body equally and he should enjoy being touched. He must not get anxious in this stage.

Step 3-

 Speak and act: At this stage permission is given for sex play, people develop cold feet and procrastinate. Or they will not speak as they want to wait for a better time. ‘Procrastinate the effort and lose the fight’ that is the rule.

Step 4-

 The argument: Some argue that if they can perform with another woman, it shows that do not have any Psychological disorder. Performing once with another woman is exciting, no doubt, but regular performance with one woman with results will be equally exciting. And but regular performance needs good relationship and understanding.

Step 5-

 Tough task: Many people find it a tough task to open up, admit their failure and the process of rectification. It is scary they say. They have talked about their fear with their therapists. On talking, they can soon discover the solutions to their problem. This process of counseling, performed by the best sex doctor, called ‘Do the Opposite’ works in the highest number of cases.

Therefore, we can conclude that self-confidence and sex is very much related. If you think you are not ready for sex, do the talk and touch. But don’t opt-out. The message is clear: No delaying, No avoidance. Do it now and do the opposite. These are the success secrets of life and success secrets of a happy married life.