Family courts are flooded with Divorce prayers asserting that marriage is broken down due to Irreconciable differences. The Judge asked the couple to explain their differences, and not satisfied with the answers, and finding the issues to be trivial in nature ordered the couple to undergo a counselling again. Benoy, the man, in this case, was a tall man, wheatish complexioned man working in Finance department of a big concern. Chaitali, was of medium height, she was involved in politics and debates in her college life, and now working as a teacher. Their major point of difference : None of them agreed to follow the directions of the other, and Benoy was tired of the argument that occurred each day “An ideal wife should be well behaved, soft spoken, would love her inlaws home, respect care for her inlaws. Chaitali did lacked in these terms. Benoy further stated that ” I want to inform you that something terrible had happened when he decided for a separation Yes Benoy, please tell us about that! Invited him to speak Benoy narrated the story. My mother was kind enough to iron her clothes. Accidently some part of the saree was burned. “There was no need for Chaitali to get so much agitated and speak to my mother such indescribable words.” I then decided to put my foot down. Chaitali aired her views” I always thought that men are strong creatures and are natural leaders, but never seen a man like Benoy, so weak kneed and he is like an overgrown adult baby. Mother is every thing to him and wife means nothing. That day I had attend an important function. I had informed every one at least three days in advance. I had requested my mother in law to keep my saree ready. But she did n’t paid any heed and seeing my getting disappointed, hastily ironed my dress and spoiled it. I was so upset at the time. ” ” it is a myth that men always have to be strong and women have to be kind and caring ” explained Dr. Gupta. Reality and expectation are two completely different things” Both nodded in agreement. Is Chaitali always wrong in her assessments and does Benoy will always discuss with his mother before taking any decision? Asked Dr. Gupta. Why can’t you couple learn to respect the differences of opinion? Asked Dr. Chowdhury. Why should you give priority to your preformed opinion? Benoy and Chaitali answered nothing but only looked at each other. Soon they decided to give their marriage another try. Appreciating their decision, Dr. Gupta prescribed some vasodilation for Benoy to overcome his inhibitions. Later Doctor was informed that Benoy and Chaitali never visited the court again. Dr. Gupta’s advise to married people : Accept and respect difference of opinions, my words and my way only, is not the proper way of living.