Uttam reached home drenched in sweat. At home he rushes to bathroom to freshen up and change. His mother gets very excited to see her son coming home. She rushes to kitchen prepares tea for him, this is her daily routine.

Uttam, will come out of his room and flick on the TV while dining. His wife Piu, mother and father dines together. After dinner “please come to room, now”. Piu, always says while going to room.

Uttam after a while gets up. Goes to his room only to get busy with his messages on phone.

Piu waits till sleep catches up. One day Piu had decided to change her destiny. She invited some of Uttam’s friends for dinner. She played games and dined with them while Uttam watched. She too started chatting with them.

“Bholu!” As his mother affectionately calls Uttam, ” look what a dangerous trend your wife has started. If not controlled it will lead to disaster”,

She warned him, “why are you doing this? Inviting my friends at home even in my absence?” ” I need sex, you don’t give me “. Thus challenged, Uttam attempts lovemaking, less desire lower excitement , compulsion to perform often makes him.a failure. Piu laughed at him

Humiliated Uttam seeks advice of the sexologist doctor.

He complains of weaker erections and he is treated accordingly Uttam improves. He is now able to indulge in frequent sex.

” you are hopeless, why do you ejaculate so early?”,Piu often asked him.

“My wife is still not satisfied” stated Uttam to the doctor.

“Can you come once with your wife for a marital counselling ” doctor asked Uttam to get his wife so that they can understand her needs better and provide him with a more effective treatment.on the appointed day Uttam along with his wife Piu came to meet the doctors. After the usual exchange of pleasantries the doctors questioned Piu, ” tell us what are your needs that you want to fulfil by frequent erections and enhanced ejaculations?” Piu was very clear about her wants and needs. ” I want Uttam.to spend more time with me and with jndivided attention. Uttam protested “I am always with you and once homwi don’t venture out. I stay at home only”. Piu was calm, “you are at home no doubt it not with me. You are more devoted to your phone office and mother than me.i want your undiluted undisturbed attention and this I only get during the love making. Uttam was stunned and realized his mistake.” Okay”

Improve Your family bonding through undivided attention to your family, Dr Gupta clarified.