Shreya opened her inbox. She was piqued by mail titled : Prashanta – Confidential. The sender was unknown to her. Prashanta is her husband.

Her eyes narrowed, she wondered what has Prashanta done! Her face flushed, a sense of urgency overwhelmed her

Shreya married to Prashanta, now in her early thirties, a mother of two kids, felt her hands shaking as she clicked open the mail.

Her head swarmed as she saw an attached pic. It was Prashanta with another lady. It was written beneath, Prashanta wants to kick off his wife and wants to marry me.

She shook her head in shock and utter disbelief.. She scrutinized the mail closely, and soon discovered the details of the sender. She called the sender who was a women.

” Prashanta has promised to marry me and pay for my mothers treatment, has he informed you” she enquired directly.

It was like the sky is falling on to Shyreas head. She thought quickly with her mind racing and made a quick but firm decision.

Prashanta has to leave.

Shreya used to wake up at 5 am and starts the work. Children breakfast, tiffin, Prashant’s tea, breakfast for them, dressing up the kids sending them to school, getting ready for her office while preparing the lunches for herself and Prashanta. All by herself alone. Ask Prashanta to do something and you meet a dead wall. Prashanta was an irresponsible lazy person who will only watch TV and shout orders at her.

She had tolerated all. An affair on top of it. No way.

She confirmed about the affair with Prashanta directly, and simply asked him to leave her and go live with your sister.

Prashanta apologised a thousand times, but Shreya slammed the door shut.

Left out Prashanta moved to a new low cost clumsy dwellment, and found life to be too hard to live alone.

Lots of interventions followed from both her family and inlaws family, and friends.

After the anger subsided, she finally agreed to speak to Prashanta. Her mommas view was that what is the guarantee that he will not betray Shreya again and more importantly why did he cheat!

It was decided to meet a counsellor to assess the cause and solutions to this problem.

Once with the counsellor, Shreya told her story and expressed her anger, but Prashanta maintained that every thing was fine, he is a good husband, and that the affair was on the spur of the moment, seduced by that women.

Shreya insisted to know why he had go to another woman in the first place when she is taking care of him and the family.

“Prashanta, tell us before the affair, were you into a regular intimacy or there was a gap?began the doctor.

“Our sex life had stopped six months prior to the incident” admitted Prashanta.

“Was there any bickering between you two?

Shreya answered first” he is a an irresponsible man, he will not care about the home at all, I had to repeatedly remind him of little tasks that he has to do”

Peasants informed that her repeated nudging angrily made him loose all sex interest in her.

“She would come up with some issue on the bed too” he complained.

After analysis doctor suggested that there is a lack of communication and intimacy in them.

When both the partners do equal work and as a team they solve the household work then they are equals. If one partner is burdened with the maximum amount of work then the relationship is not equal. Naturally the more worked up partner feels more anger and resentment.

After further convincing Shreya, that he is now a changed man, Shreya accepted the proposal.

Mother asked ” why did Prashanta took extramarital route, to which Doctor explained that break down of communication is a bad sign in any marriage and leads to extra marital pleasure seeking behaviour. Coupled with loss of intimacy and stoppage of sexual behaviour too, contributed to the misdirectional movement.

Prashanta moved in with Shreya. They sat down and discussed the share of work. Prashanta agreed for certain chores, and actively participated. A sense of relief and peace was felt by Shreya.

Prashanta was happy too. He had learnt a lesson of life.

Few days later Shreya felt a strong urge to love Prashanta.

She stimulated him, Prashanta too into lovemaking but there was fruitful result.

A few months passed off like this, they would try and fail.

They came back to the doctor.

“This seems to a case of Inhibited Sex Deaire, it happens if there is long gap in live making” diagnosed the doctor.

Prashanta was prescribed few medicines and a sexual exercise was explained. They would approach and touch each other in a non-demanding manner. Let the mind relax being close together.Results will follow soon.

Intimacy can only formed by the equals. It is mandatory for both partners to share the household work.

Results will follow soon.