A senior citizen once told us that the only thing he misses being senior is the loss of sexuality. At the age of sixty-six, he rarely gets erections and even if he does get, there is no ejaculation and no fun.

Why do we lose our sex capacity as we age? The answer is we do not care to maintain it.

At the onset of forties, people find a decline in their sexual power. They choose to ignore this loss. They continue to ignore and when it is completely lost, they regret. Same goes with blood pressure and diabetes, but people are aware to take these seriously. Sex power is ignored by all. It is not right. You should take advice from a sexologist in Kolkata.

Loss of sex power and an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure, all have the same cause, that is the weakening of mitochondria. People have an instinct to survive. As they know that blood pressure is a killer disease, they take it seriously to live. Loss of sexual energy does not create life-threatening fear and hence it is not considered important at all. Once the sexual weakness sets in, it weakens all the hormonal system of the body. Hormones work as a messenger for certain cells to act. The weakening of hormones leads to the decline of these cells and it ultimately brings about the decline of entire body functioning.

As per the opinion of the best sexologist in Kolkata, the secrets for a healthy life and sex power is to control the decline of the functioning sex hormone-producing cells. And to be more specific, maintain the functioning of mitochondria. These mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells. If we can maintain the health of these intracellular organelles, then we can maintain sexual life up to a hundred years.

Three kinds of instincts are predominant in all people, which are Fear, Feed and Fuck. Out of fear, people decide to fight or run away. They always believe in feeding for survival. But in the matter of sex, they remain undecided.

Sex treatment, therefore, adds light to sexual treatment, which corrects the hormonal imbalance, corrects the functioning of mitochondria and also brings mental age down. Newer medicines get added to the armoury of sex treatment and are often prescribed by a sex problem doctor. These medicines keep the sperms alive, maintain body mobility and brainpower. The major benefit of sex treatment is that now you can avoid the chronic pain of old age, weak and fractured bones, wheelchair life or a bedridden one. We do not say that sex treatment is the Fountain of Youth, but it improves the quality of life. When it comes to health and longer living, people think about their diet. Your eating right has a big role, but supplement the body with whatever is needed and this is what sex treatment is all about.