In many of our clinical practices involving the lack of female fertility or female infertility, we find that sometimes the sperms are within normal parameters. Surprisingly, even the fallopian tubes are patent. And by patent, we mean that they are not blocked and are functional. In most cases, ovulation also takes place but still, there is no pregnancy as fertilization could not take place.


Understanding The Problem



The common factor that reduces female fertility causeing female infertility is the lack of synchronization between the age of the embryo and the developmental stage of the endometrium. Let us explain this further.



The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus wall. For a pregnancy to be viable, the embryo and the endometrium must develop in a synchronized manner. Implantation occurs when the two tissues get fused. That is when pregnancy is established. But we have to understand that maturation of an embryo and development of the endometrium are two independent and continuous process. Therefore, according to the best sex doctor, if these two processes do not occur simultaneously, fertilization will not occur.


What Causes Infertility? 



We have observed that if the asynchrony of the two processes is greater than 3-4 days, the chances of pregnancy are highly reduced. Sometimes, the ovulation comes late, later than the sixteenth day of fertilization. Whereas the endometrium undergoes the stages of proliferation, differential and shedding. In addition, this might occur in a usual cyclic pattern.



When the blastocyst, which is also called the fertilizer ova, reaches endometrium, the tissues of the endometrium may no longer be young to support implantation and carrying out the pregnancy. Therefore, the cycle gets wasted. Such cases are very common.



Normally the hypothalamic _ pituitary _ ovarian axis will coordinate the recruitment of follicles while ordering endometrial proliferation. Therefore, for fertilization to occur, timely development of ova, timely mate with the sperm, the formation of the blastocyst, and right endometrial proliferation; all are a must for the pregnancy to survive.


Treatment Of Infertility



While treating a case of infertility, the famous sexologist in Kolkata always checks the ovulation date with the status of the endometrium. In order to be in sync with the above-mentioned parameters, we individualize the treatment.



In addition, we have to regulate the hypothalamic _ pituitary _ ovarian axis. Hypothalamus secretes GnRH gonadotropin-releasing hormone. This causes our pituitary gland to release FSH and LH; which stimulates the ovarian follicle and causes the egg to grow. The hypothalamus receives an enormous variety of signals and information. The interplay between the follicle and CNS depends upon the ability of the estrogens. Estrogen, which has hormonal and messenger action, transmits messages of positive and negative feedback.



In most cases, we, the top sexologist in Kolkata, have been successful coordinating embryo development with endometrial development.