Ten years ago…….

In the sultry afternoon of April, when the weather in Kolkata normally is humid and people tend to stay indoors avoidcoming out of their offices and even homes. It was a very sweltering summer afternoon that Mukesh came for consultation drenched in sweat.

He was a well built man of medium height dark completion with broad nose wearing expensive diamond rings suggestive of his more than enough status.

” doctor, I have E.D” he began,” I want a quick relief from it, but with out any side effects” he demanded. “Dear Mukesh ” doctor sounded sympathetic and assuring, ” without knowing your problem in detail, without a physical examination, we will not know which medicine or combination of medicines would work on you the best. Be rest assured the medicines do not cause any side effects” informed the doctor.

“Yes. Aha, alright ” Mukesh agreed and continued, ” for past five months I am not getting ere tons and not able to perform with my wife”.

“Do you have any other medical conditions?, ” doctor began his interrogations.

” No”.

” Any known history of allergies or sleep disturbances?”

” No.”

” Blood pressure