Sexologists have advised you many times in many ways about a fruitful sex life. Now today, we are going to talk about something which is innate, natural, and instinctive. There is an old saying that opposites attract. This concept applies to males and females also.

What is the attraction?

The attraction is the pull you feel when you see a person of the opposite gender. We need to remember one thing that as human beings, both the identities of male energy and female energy exists within us. We need to identify which energy is predominant in us. It may also happen that being a male, we are getting attracted to a male. This is natural. The reason being, the male energy is dominant in me. The concept is applicable for a female also. But most of the time, opposite genders attract each other due to the same logic of attraction between the opposite poles is highest.

What do you look for in your opposite sex?

According to the best sexologist in Kolkata, if you are a female, generally the below-mentioned qualities are preferred by you in a male;

  • Physical strength
  • Aggressiveness in a positive sense
  • Ability to fix up problems
  • Understandability
  • Focused

If you are a male, you will look for the following qualities in a female;

  • Multi-tasker
  • Soft natured
  • Open to ideas
  • Caring
  • Lovable
  • Charming

Now the question comes, how do you know that existence of these qualities in you can make you sexually compatible also?

The top sexologist in Kolkata Dr.Guptasays that sex is not an overnight thing. You need to proceed slowly but steadily. First comes attraction, then desire, then intimacy, then love, and love-making leads you to pleasure which gives you ultimate satisfaction.

As per the sexologist doctors in Kolkatalike Dr. Guptasome qualities are innate in a human being. But some others he/she needs to work upon. For example, you can do meditation, some physical exercises to increase your strength and attractiveness. You can devote some time to developing anyone’s creative aspect of yours. You can indulge in good books which help you to fantasize.

If still these things are not working properly for you or you want to clear your thoughts on physical attraction, you can always consult Dr. Gupta, who is one of the most experienced sexologists in the city.