The application of Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) in the evaluation and assessment of the infertile couple is expanding each day. It has a major advantage over the abdominal sonography because it can depict the reproductive organs very accurately. It is completely safe and a sex problem doctor also has positive opinions about this test. However, the quality of depiction depends upon the USG machine and proficiency of the operator.

The uterus is the place for embryo implantation and pregnancy continuation. The normal adult uterus is a muscular organ 6-10 cm in length and 3-5 cm in width. The problems of the uterus may lie in the musculature like fibroids and adenomyosis, in the uterine cavity like congenital uterine malfunctions, adhesions, uterine cavity polyps and problems in endometrial lining such as inappropriate endometrial growth and secretory transformations.

As TVS can accurately diagnose, it is very helpful and reliable. It is of great utility in follicular monitoring and guided follicular oocyte aspiration. A sexual problem doctor near me also suggests this test because of its capability in guiding embryo transfers and in the primary evaluation of infertility. The assessment of pelvis, uterine cavity and tubal potency come under the initial evaluation of infertility. The baseline pelvic sonogram can identify the existing problems, which include congenital uterine anomalies, fibroids and adnexal masses of tubal or ovarian etiologies. These problems can affect fertility. There are also benefits of this baseline evaluation in determining the ovarian reserve for infertility counselling. It also helps to guide the dosing of ovulation induction.

The procedure

You need very little preparation from your part before the procedure. When you reach the test centre, you have to put on a gown. You may need to keep your bladder partially full. This is because the intestine gets lifted due to a full bladder and this helps in having a clear view of your pelvic organs.

You have to lie down on your back on the examination table. The doctor inserts the ultrasound wand into your vagina. You may feel a little pressure this time, which is not at all a problem. The instrument then starts its job. Sound waves transmit pictures of the inner area of your pelvis on a monitor by bouncing off your internal organs. The doctor then turns the instrument to the other side. It helps in getting a comprehensive picture of the organs.

Benefits of the procedure

There are many benefits to this procedure. These include:

  • Having a very close view of the pelvic organs
  • Getting clear images of the targeted area

If any couple goes to the best sexologist in Kolkata for infertility problems, Transvaginal Sonography is often suggested. This helps the doctor to know what is the exact cause of infertility. He/she then advises the couple what to do to get the blessings of a child in their life.