Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s courtroom was over beaming with people. The benches and chairs meant for the lawyers we’re all occupied. The seats for the visitors were all grabbed by the clients. A big crowd of litigants we’re waiting in anticipation. Weather was warm and humid.

Abhishek was standing in a corner of the room, perspiring profusely. He was thirsty but had to control himself. No space to move, he was feeling miserable.

Seven years, yes seven years, he been frequently visiting this court. It took about two years for the bench to to process his petition and more time to summon the opposite parties. Yet till now, nothing has been achieved, while he has lost many brands besides facing inconveniences and humiliation.

“Oh God, what is the use of this futile exercise?” “It was all my stupidity”. He felt.

He looked around the room and mumbled” Nothing works in favour of clients”.

He had to file a divorce case as his wife of four months marriage left him taking with her his money and family’s golden ornaments. She had argued that he is impotent which is incurable had choked him. He could not answer back to his wife.”oh no! I should have found this top sexologist of Kolkata,, that all these troubles could have been avoided.”

” babu, why does your wife looks so sad? “His mother had often asked him just two weeks after the marriage. ” sob thik “, maa every thing is fine, this used to be his usual reply.

” shona, hold my breast ” wife had pleaded for sex almost daily. But he could not get excitement let alone the erections.

“Don’t you understand a woman’s feelings , shona?” He never had an answer to this.

“Come back to me my dear!” He had phoned his estranged wife multiple times, “I have now recovered”

” Even if you have – Mr. Abhishek you do not have any emotions. I cannot live with you.” And the line would go dead.

The matter was filed at the court for separation and divorce but nothing had resulted even after seven years of wait.

” Oh God Please send my lawyer to the court on time!” he repeatedly prayed silently and also to overcome his anxiety.

Thirst was overwhelming and he thought if buying a bottle of water. His hands slipped inside his trouser pocket. Not a dine left with him. The court was moving from case to case, delivering adjournments even on whimsical causes.

” Abhishek Saha”, called out the court clerk. He raised his hands in acknowledgement and just then his lawyer entered the court as well.

My Lord he spoke loudly, the plaintiffs are present. The Magistrate was busy glancing over the papers.” The opposition lawyer had just left for another case in another court.

“Oh No, not @another date,” muttered Abhishek. With this a thought flashed in his mind ” both the lawyers are colleagues and friends in real life, so there must be some tacit understanding between the two”.

“Next date after four months” shouted the court clerk!

” will I ever get justice in my life”, a harassed mind thought in disbelief.

” just hold me tight through out the night, Shona”, he would be gripped with an unknown fever every time he heard this and now his body burns for a woman’s touch in the night. I didn’t know I was sick back then.

Once out of the court binding he called his wife again. “Look it’s no use now, I am in a live in relationship with some one now. So please don’t call me again.” With a tensed face Abhishel pushed his phone back into the pocket. I was late in consulting the doctors he thought to himself.

When ever there is a problem in your married life, taking advise for it’s resolution is a sign of intelligence and not weakness .