A few days ago, you cried at your husband, saying- “you are the only person I am stuck with 24 hours and you don’t even bother to talk”.

What can we say? Who could have thought that the pandemic is here to stay?  In the initial days, you thought it’s just a matter of two weeks or probably a month. You got so excited when both you and your husband received the ‘Work-from-home’ mail from HR.

“Finally, we can make up for all the lost time”- bet this was the first thing you WhatsApped each other. From sharing all the household chores to cooking new dishes together and sipping on wine, you went to full ‘Netflix and chill’ mode of course after getting rid of your work-from-home rituals,

Every other couple, visiting a therapist’s clinic, has the same story to tell. Weeks passed, months passed and all the romances have worn out. Well, maybe not all the couples, but most of the cases a good sexologist in Kolkata deals with, are the same.

The Age-Old Advice – Communicate With Each Other

You are not the only one who is facing some relationship problems amidst this pandemic, trust us. It has messed with nearly every part of almost everyone’s life. Be it your career, relationship, mental health, and even your movie choices, nothing is the same as before and you are sick of hearing and reading the term “new normal” everywhere.

Both of you are exhausted and disturbed. Both of you have an individual world besides being in a relationship. Only you two can work on your differences. A fulfilling relationship is all about working on your disagreements and balancing your issues together.

Lean on the good sides of your relationship, especially now 

Are you getting on each other’s nerves more than usual? Arguments often start because you both have some ‘complains’ buried deep down in your minds. You didn’t bother about those in the past because you had a dinner or a movie date or some kinkier plans; wink wink! Now you have got all the time to sit at home and to dig out the blame games.

Do the problems feel bigger now? Well, it does because you hid it well for the first time and that’s unfair to both of you. Whatever the issue is, the best sex doctor suggests focusing on the brighter sides of your chemistry. When you have already overlooked it in the past, is it that much of a deal? Think twice before you start a fight over the same thing again and again. If you think this time it is really bothering you, well, having a ‘heart-to-heart’ is the key again.

Consider Changing Your Roles In The Relationship

Who says ‘role-playing’ only ends inside your bedroom? Don’t tell us it’s the sex doctor whom you have been consulting for so long. Change your sexologist before you are gearing up to change your partner.

There is no set rule for a relationship. The way you two worked before COVID-19 may not even work now. Try to know what is going on in your partner’s life and career.  It is VERY important to share the load. And how you share responsibilities and understand each others’ lifestyle is going to go a long way- pandemic or no pandemic! However, do your research well if you are searching “who is the best sex doctor near me” and find the most fitted one.